Modern futons are a great option to furnish any room. They are both stylish and functional, and can create both a look and atmosphere that is comforting. Futons add functionality to a room by expanding your seating options as well as converting any room into a guest room. They can make a guest feel more comfortable and invited, as they’ll have a place to sleep and not feel like they’re crashing in your living room. Contemporary futons come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. If you’re looking for something fresh and new for your room, consider our collection of modern futons.


What are Modern Futons and How are They Used?

Modern futons are convertible sofa to bed pieces of furniture. They are great because they provide seating as well as sleeping space for guests. A futon converts from a chair or sofa into a pullout bed. Typically, you remove the cushions from your couch and set them aside. From there, you can pull out the deck of the futon which will become support for the bed. A cushion or mattress pad then unfolds over the length of the deck and becomes the bed. You can cover these with standard sheets or in the case of non-click clack futons, sleep right on top of the futon cover. Bring your cushions back onto the couch to act as pillows or provide your guests with standard pillows. Futons can be very comfortable, and modern futons no longer feel like sleeping on a cot.

Decorating with a Modern Flair at Home

When decorating with modern futons, think outside of the box as futons can be beautiful decor furniture. Contemporary pieces can be sleek and fashionable, with different prints, colors, and styles that will fit into any theme. Incorporate a futon into your room by choosing a material that will make a statement. If you want a futon to stand out, consider choosing leather or a print material that will stand out amongst all of your other decor and make the futon the focal point in the room. You may also choose a futon that will stay in the background of your decor, with pillows and throw blankets as accessory pieces. Choose colorful pillows or blankets that work with the colors in your room.

Discover a Great Space Saving Solution with Modern Futons

It is not always possible to have an extra guest bedroom or an air mattress in your home, this is why modern futons are a great space saving solution. You no longer need to have extra space available just for guests. If you know you will have overnight guests often or visitors who might need an extra bed, considering buying a futon for your home. Because a futon doubles as a seating option for your home, you do not need a separate bedroom or to keep a bulky air mattress hidden somewhere in your home.

Before purchasing modern and contemporary futons, there are a few factors to consider so you make the best decision for your home and for your wallet. You should always think about the size of your futon and space available before purchasing one. You need to accommodate for both the futon and the size of the mattress that you will pull out of it if you want to use it as a bed. You can always move other furniture around to make room for the piece when it is fully extended, but you want it to be as convenient as possible to use. Our online collection is a good option if you want to weigh out your different choices and see all the possibilities. You can find a large variety of styles, colors, and sizes of modern futons from top rated manufacturers all on our site.