Bakers racks make for useful storage additions in the home. Here at, we offer a selection of beautiful and functional bakers racks for you to choose from. We're certain that whatever your needs may be and whatever your decorating style, you are certain to find the perfect piece. Offering baker's racks in metal and wood and a combination of both, you're almost certain to find something to pique your interest and fit your decorating scheme. We offer racks with and without wine storage as well, so they can actually serve double usage! Have a look at our gorgeous selection and find the perfect bakers rack for your home!


Bakers Rack – Not Just for the Kitchen Anymore

When one thinks about where to place a bakers rack the very first thought is, of course, in the kitchen to hold various pots and pans. When you think bakers rack you think kitchen. But limiting your thinking to just the kitchen limits the versatility of these attractive pieces of storage furniture. The baker's rack can really be used anywhere in the home with a bit of foresight and imagination. You can use a baker's rack in a three season room as an attractive way to hold a small television or a collection of house plants. In fact, in a small office or den that might not support a larger entertainment unit, a bakers rack with doors makes the perfect compromise to hold your entertainment components.

Consider, as well, a bakers rack with drawers as extra storage in a bathroom – your main bath or a guest bath, either could benefit from one of these beautiful pieces. Using rolled guest towels and decorative storage jars for things like cotton balls, soaps and q-tips can make a bakers rack an attractive piece in the bathroom. The only real limit on the useability of one of these pieces is your imagination.

Using a Baker's Rack as Decoration

Consider using your baker's rack as a display to add a bit more decoration and flair to a room. Of course decorating with a baker's rack takes a certain bit of flair. Too much on its shelves and it will appear cluttered and confused. The best way to tackle this is to choose an item as a focal point and place in in the center of the top shelf of your baker's rack and then put a handful of coordinating items around it to draw the eye without becoming overwhelming. Be certain to leave some space around items so that the eye can enjoy each piece without feeling overwhelm.

Victory Corner Display Rack / Plant Stand - Golden Copper, Metal
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Features: Golden copper finish lends the right amount of elegance and rustic charm Metal construction ensures years of dependable use Four shelves provide ample display space for decorative accessories Accommodates small potted plants Scrolls serve...

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What to Look For in a Bakers Rack?

When shopping for your bakers rack, there are a handful of things to keep in mind to be certain you get the exact perfect piece for your room. The first thing to consider is where you will be placing the baker's rack. Most people put theirs in their kitchen, but that really limits the functionality of these pieces. A baker's rack really can be at home in any room of the house. It can be storage in the kitchen, display in a dining room or living room, a gardener's helper on a patio or breezeway or a component holder in a small office or den.

Once you've decided where the bakers rack will go, the next think to look at is the general style and decor already present in the room. You'll want your bakers rack to coordinate with your already existing style in both design, finish and materials. Next, consider the features you'll want. If the rack will be placed in a dining area as an additional sideboard or as an open faced china storage perhaps a wine rack would be a handy addition. However, if the rack will be out on a three season porch or in a breezeway as a way to store garden implements or plants, extra shelving is probably key. Last is size. Check the dimensions of your space and be certain that your rack will fit comfortably within it.