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More Futon Bed Mattress Information

One factor to consider when deciding to purchase a futon cushion is the support level. The range varies from soft, medium firm, to very firm depending on what you are looking for. A firm futon may be good for someone who sleeps on their back while people who sleep on their side find a soft mattress may be more their taste. If you are looking for something that feels like a conventional mattress where it offers a bounce sensation, our line of innerspring futon mattresses are perfect for you.

DCG Stores is the premier source for all types of furniture. We offer the most popular sizes in futons including chair sizes, loveseat, twin size, full size futon mattress, and queen futon mattresses. Our products are separated into categories to make buying as easy as possible. If you already have a futon frame, be sure to measure the dimensions of the deck in the bed position to determine the correct size you need for your futon mattress.