Baby & kids rooms are exciting to decorate and furnish. Whether you’re buying your first crib, or transitioning a baby’s room into a more kid-friendly room, there’s always something fun about picking out pieces of furniture that are themed and colorful. Children’s furniture ranges from things like neon green and pink bean bag chairs, to the necessary bed frame, dresser, and bunk beds. Create a style for your kid’s room with accessories and fun pieces that they will grow to love and remember for years to come. Our collection of furniture for baby & kids rooms is both fun and functional, and it all comes at an affordable price that will fit into your family’s budget.


What You Need for Baby & Kids Rooms

First time parents might not be sure of what their baby & kids rooms need. When you’re shopping for nursery furniture, you might be confused as to what is available. New parents are constantly bombarded with information and products but there is little insight as to what their baby will actually like and what will be helpful to them. Starting off with the basics is a good idea because it won’t break your budget while also allowing you to learn as you go. Most parents find that they can make do with a bassinet, blankets, changing table, crib, and some sort of storage furniture. This might sound basic, but even within this limited list is a slew of options. The best thing to do is be practical about your needs and your budget for baby & kids rooms.

A Crib for Your Baby and Nursery Room

Cribs can be confusing when you’re first purchasing one for your baby's nursery room. There are so many options and features and factors to consider for your new baby. There are cribs with a drop side, which allows you to make one side of the bars of the crib drop down while you hold your baby. This allows you to place them into the crib easily. There are also cribs designed to let you change the height of the mattress as your child grows. These cribs are usually called ‘convertible’ or ‘stages’ cribs because you can alter them through the stages of your child’s growth. The mattress of the crib can be lowered or raised. Generally, people keep the mattress high when the child is a newborn. As the child grows stronger and taller, the mattress is lowered so there is less chance of the baby falling out or trying to crawl out. A crib is an essential piece of furniture for baby & kids rooms, consider all of your options before making a purchase.

Toddler Beds for the Kids Room

When your child has reached the age where they can climb out of your crib, a toddler bed may be necessary. Toddler beds can often be used with a crib mattress. Until your child is bigger, the mattress from their crib will provide enough support. A toddler bed isn’t essential, but is a transitioning tool for children who are too big for their crib, but not yet big enough for a traditional bed size. Some cribs even convert into a toddler bed. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider this option while choosing a crib so you can make the most use out of your purchase.

If you’d like to purchase furniture for your baby & kids room, our online collection is a great option for anyone on a budget. Our pieces are affordable and are made from high quality materials that will withstand the wear and tear of child’s play. You can see all of your options online and choose the best baby and kids room furniture that will be both functional and fun.