Bean bags are comfortable and interesting pieces that can fit into a home’s casual decor. They are a comfortable seating option and they make a room feel more casual, friendly, and fun. These seats can fit into almost any room and do not take up much space, so they really fit in anywhere that you’d like. Whether you’re choosing a bean bag for your living room, or for your teenager’s room, incorporate their fun and playful style into the decor of your space. Our website offers a large selection of bean bags in a variety of sizes and colors; you’ll be able to find the perfect bean bag chairs for your home at an affordable price.


Choosing The Right Size Bean Bags

Bean bags come in a large variety of sizes because they are great for any size room. Be sure not to purchase a child sized bean bag chair for your living room as it may be too small for the space. If you’re searching for bean bags for a living room, you can find extra large bean bags that double as sofa chairs and that are more suitable for an adult's weight. Make sure to measure the amount of space that you have available for your bean bag chair and purchase one that will fit into this space. Remember that while most sofas or chairs have a bottom that is more square because of the legs, bean bag chairs are typically round and take up less room.

Express Yourself with Bean Bags In Different Shapes

While most bean bags are round circles, modern design has created bean bags that are actually different shapes. You can think outside of the box with your decor by purchasing bean bags in a different shape. There are bean bags in the shapes of ottomans and even bean bag cubes. Add a bean bag cube to your living room or reading room to create the perfect reading and writing nook. Adding in interesting shapes will create a modern and funky look to the decor of any room. It will draw in people's eyes and be attention grabbing, while also functional as a seating option.

Bean Bags Materials, Textures, and Fabrics

Bean bags come in a variety of different materials, with different textures and fabrics. Match the feel and atmosphere of the room with the material of your bean bag. You can choose from vinyl, to corduroy, to micro suede. If you’re placing a bean bag into a child’s room, consider something that will be spill proof. If you’d like to add a seating option to a living room and think a bean bag would like nice, you can choose a more lush looking fabric like micro suede or even corduroy.

Bean bags are often considered to be non-traditional furniture. Find bean bags in colors or styles that will compliment the room and decor. Help the bean bag fit into a room by choosing a color that will match the decor you have already created with other furniture. Bean bags come in such a wide variety of colors, materials, textures, and fabrics that you will easily be able to find the bag that is right for your home.

More Interesting Information on Bean Bags

Bean bags should be placed in a part of the room that will create a function out of the seat. In a child’s room, a bean bag chair might become a second place to nap, or even where a guest might sleep for a sleep over. In the living room, if you have casual decor, consider placing a bean bag near your TV console for easy lounging or video game playing. Be sure to put enough space between the bean bag chair and other furniture so navigating around it will be easy and there will be no chance of tearing. Bean bags are a great option for any home, they are functional, fun, and comfortable.