A good coffee table can be the perfect place to stylishly stash your magazines, rest your feet, and eat a snack in front of the TV. That said; the perfect piece for your living space can sometimes be a bit difficult to find. The table has to be the right height for your sofa, the appropriate size for the space, and most importantly, reflective of your style. At DCGStores.com, the perfect match-up between your must-have pieces and your brand new ones is just an easy click away. Look below to discover coffee and cocktail table design ideas for your living room.


Not All Coffee Tables are Created Equal

We’ve all had the coffee table that’s made the rounds in our families. Needless to say, once you get one in the family, it’s a piece that’s hard to get rid of. You can buy wood tables, plastic ones, or tables made of glass, but you may want to do some additional research on how it's made and the reputation of the company who built it before you welcome it into the home. Our website makes this kind of research easy and we have a variety of end tables to match. All you have to do is click on the table you like, and then scroll down to see information such as: product details, details about the manufacturer, and other recommended coffee tables.

Living Room Table Furniture as Art

The phrase, beauty is in the eye of the beholder is apt when you browse the trends in tables today. From irregularly shaped masterpieces to the more traditional table with feet, we offer a variety of coffee tables from the top manufacturers in the industry. For instance, our modern coffee tables showcase some possibilities in the extraordinary shapes, designs, and materials which will inspire you with its unique sense of style and commanding presence.

The High Functioning Coffee Table

How many of you have sat on the edge of a wooden coffee table and wished it could double as seating as well as place for those magazines? A coffee table that doubles as an ottoman might be what you need. These tables can easily hide the things you don’t want on display with trays that flip over to double as soft, microfiber cushions. Coffee tables can do a lot more these days and we would love to show you how. Check out our growing catalog of coffee table furniture today.