If benches make you think of picnics or waiting for a metro bus, it’s time you stepped into our online showroom where benches transcend their original use as well as their boring connotations. Need a pretty bench where guests can sit down at the front entryway to take off their shoes before tramping through your freshly swept home? Consider a tufted bench in suede, or a richly colored leather upholstered storage bench seat. DCG Stores offer over a hundred benches for you to find that perfect match for your home.

Some Ideas on the Best Use of a Bench in Your Home

  • You can use a bench in the foyer and entry way as a convenient place to plop down your briefcase and coat when you run exhausted, through the door. You can use it for a last minute shoe change so you don’t have to stand like a flamingo.
  • A bench is also a great way to add a little interest to your hallway or any long and narrow space that looks a bit lonely. Benches come with built-in cubbies and shelves so if you have some book spillage from your study and need some extra storage space, your new hallway bench could provide the needed solution.
  • If you’re tired of your significant other throwing their clothes on the floor of the bedroom but you can’t get them to hang anything up, get a bench for the foot of your bed. Buy one of our luxuriously upholstered ones or a slender wood bench if that’s more your style and lay your annoyances to rest.
  • Do you have a window that is calling out for company? Window benches are a great way to utilize that perfect ray of sunshine that seeps through your window at your favorite time of day. Decorate it with pillows so you feel invited to sit there awhile.
  • Benches are also great for hiding things. Built-in benches or ottoman benches with storage lids are perfect for those extra blankets, papers you haven’t had time to sort yet, and the emergency pick-up routine that occurs when your mother-in-law pops in for an unexpected chat.