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Accent Chairs

You may think that anything with the word accent in front of it means extra but in the case of accent chairs, they are an economical and fun way to refresh your decor space without having to go overboard. If the aftermath of your last home redecorating project had you trotting all over town trying to find the perfect accent piece, you may want to log fewer hours in your car and shop with us online instead. As one of the largest online retailer for furniture, DCG Stores has an extensive selection which will help you find that finishing or focal touch for your room quickly.


Making Subtle Changes That Pack A Punch on a Low Budget

An accent chair doesn’t have to scream “pay attention to ME” but rather can add the warmth or center that your room needs to feel cohesive and special. The great thing is that you can find one usually under $100 to $200, making it an affordable discount purchase. First, consider the current theme and feel of your living room. What is it that you want more of? Do you want the room to be a little more casual (one of our wooden rocking chairs could help with that)? What about a bit more drama (maybe a chaise)? Or is your goal to soften the room and make the space more of a haven after a hard day at work (tufted suede)? Once you’ve answered these questions you can begin to consider some other decision points.

Tips to Finding the Perfect Fabric for Your Accent Chair

You may think the kind of upholstered fabric you choose for your accent chair is immaterial- it’s the print or design that matters right? While prints will definitely change the feel of your space, the texture and sheen of the material itself is the canvas for what your chair is going to say. Our collection of unique accent chairs on sale offers leather, woven fabric, wood, and scrolled wrought-iron to name a few options. We have many modern contemporary designs as well as more traditional choices available.

Your accent chair for living room is a perfect display piece but by no means must it forego company altogether. Choose fabrics and style that welcome people to admire as well as sit within its pretty arms and pair it with a pretty ottoman. Swan shaped chairs are elegant but also very comfortable to sit in. Leather club chairs always command attention but they are easy to curl-up in for long reads or your morning cup of coffee. To add colorful pop to your room, choose among popular options like red, purple, black, blue, green, orange, white, and of course pink!

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