DCGstores.com knows that nightstands aren't just where you keep your alarm clock. We know that a nightstand is also more than just a functional piece and we're absolutely positive that it doesn't need to be boring. Regardless of whether you choose to place a piece in a master bedroom, a child's bedroom or a guest bedroom, the furniture you bring in is a reflection of you and of the overall design style of the room. With today's eclectic designs, it isn't necessary to buy a bedroom suite with all pieces matching. Now you can mix and match the pieces that fit both your room and your personal style individually, and why should the nightstand be overlooked as a stylish and fun addition to your bedroom area? DCGstores.com doesn't think it should, and so we've brought together over one hundred and thirty different styles for you to choose from. Let your decorating flair shine as you pair the perfect nightstand within the perfect sleeping area.


The Nightstand – a Brief History

In Europe, the early variations of nightstands were primarily used as a vehicle to hold a basin on a table like shelf back before indoor plumbing was common. These basins were what folk used to wash up in the morning before getting dressed. They also, typically, had a cupboard underneath for convenient storage of the chamberpot. As you can imagine the earliest nightstands were larger, bulkier pieces of furniture which really don't resemble the pieces we use today.

When the settlers first arrived in America, they used small tables, the same height as their beds upon with to set their candles down at night after blowing them out. Strictly for utilitarian purposes, these early tables did not have much in the way of decoration or embellishments. Over the years the nightstand has evolved from strictly functional to an item of style and beauty. They now come in literally hundreds of different sizes, colors and styles – certain to fit the needs of any decorator.

Choosing the Right Night Stand

As we consider what nightstand will best suit your needs the first thing to consider is whether you are interested in one nightstand or two. Is the room large enough to support a nightstand on either side of the bed? Is the bed pushed against a wall on one side and perhaps doesn't need a second nightstand?

Once you've decided on one or two nightstands, the next thing to consider is size. Are you looking for a large piece that can stand on its own and make its own statement? Something in a bold shape or a contrasting color perhaps? What about material? If the rest of your room is decorated in a dark cherry, odds are you're not going to want a honey pine piece, regardless of its character. The great news is that now nightstands come in such a vast array of styles that it's fairly easy to find something that will suit your needs and your style.

Shopping for Bedroom Night Stands

Quite often bedroom night stands are sold in pairs. This is because, typically, most people tend to put two into a room – one on either side of their bed. However, there are plenty of times and spaces where only one nightstand is needed. DCGstores.com doesn't see any reason to force you to purchase two nightstands when only one is what you need and so as you shop our over one hundred different styles and designs, we're happy to say that if you only need one nightstand, that's all you need to purchase. We carry nightstands in a vast array of styles and colors and manufactured out of a number of long lasting and beautiful materials. We carry contemporary and traditional styles in wood, metal and glass, so you are certain to find exactly what you need here with us at DCGstores.com.