Shop our exciting selection of lounge chairs for your living room, family room, library, office, or den. When it comes to finding the perfect chair, we have plenty of unique styles to accentuate your room. Choose from traditional classic designs to more modern or contemporary options. Place a chaise lounge chair at the corner of a room and you have a great place to relax. With so many styles, it's easy to find furnishing you're looking for at affordable prices!


The Versatility of Lounge Seating at Home

Lounge seating can be used for a variety of purposes and in almost every room of your home. They can enhance the decor of the room, and offer extra seating to create a wonderful place to relax or nap. Some models of lounge furniture can recline or expand into a bed, making this beautiful addition to your living room an excellent place for guest to stay the night. They can also be placed in a bedroom. Place a lamp next to the chair and you now have a reading area. Guest rooms and dens also benefit from oversized lounge seating, giving you another place in your home for people to comfortably sit, relax, or sleep.

Lounge Chairs Accentuates a Beautiful Decor

Chairs are one of the pieces of furniture where designers and decorators can truly let their imaginations run free. There are limitless possibilities for this useful item. Here at DCG Stores, we have such a wide selection of styles that you are sure to find one that you love. We have leather, exposed wood, rattan, metal and modern synthetic materials. Every item we sell is made by top of the line manufacturers, and backed by our in house, American based customer service. Find the best lounge recliner chairs here at factory direct prices.

How to Choose the Perfect Lounge Seating

If you are starting with an empty room, the first step you need to take is to decide what style of lounge chairs you would like. Think about how you want the completed room to feel. Would you enjoy a traditional look, or are you more of the contemporary type? Do you want sleek or posh? Pay attention to the color and shade of your walls, window coverings, and carpet or flooring. When planning the room, don’t forget to be aware of the amount of space inside you have to work with. This is where a measuring tape is a great ally in the designing phase.

If you already have furniture in the room you are buying the lounge chair for, then the new furniture selection can be chosen to complement or match what you already have. Some people enjoy an eclectic look, with pieces that are very different from one another. Others like their furniture to have a common theme. There are no wrong choices, just focus on what you will enjoy. And don’t be afraid to take’s your home, and it should reflect your taste. There are only two room decorating rules that should always be followed. They are simple. Don’t block the door and don’t block the walk ways. With our huge selection of exquisite lounge seats, you will have no problem finding exactly what you envision.