Daybeds can be a very useful piece of furniture for any area of the home. Most traditionally seen in spare bedrooms or sometimes on three season porches, daybeds are no longer the bulky style-lacking pieces they once were. They have evolved over time and not only have retained their flexibility as dual-use furnishings, but also have become sleeker and full of style. overs over fifty designs and styles of daybed and they range from traditional styles in wood or brass to more contemporary looks. Daybeds are finding themselves welcome in many areas of the home these days, from the reading nook to the home office, the children's bedroom to the guestroom – these functional and stylish pieces are a great way to squeeze some double-duty out of a very savvy piece of furniture.


The Daybed as a Children's Bed Option

An experienced parent will tell you that anything that adds more room into a child's already crowded living area is a plus. Turning a bed into a sofa during playtime is a particular piece of magic that all parents can appreciate. Not only do you have duality of use, but for some parents the three sides of a daybed offer a sense of security as well. Particularly for younger children or toddlers who are making the transition from crib to bed. Daybeds which offers three sides already gives both parents and child a deeper sense of security and safety. Some daybeds also come with the possible addition of a trundle, which effectively doubles the sleeping area. Perfect for sleepovers! Not only do you get two beds in one, but both beds take up the same footprint and can be easily disguised as something else during playtime.

Why Buy a Daybed?

The daybed has a lot of practical useability. Particularly in areas where rooms have to serve more than one function. Daybeds have evolved considerably from the time when they were typically just a regular bed that had an added third side to lean against. Now they are beautiful as well as functional. In smaller homes or apartments the daybed can serve duty as both a sofa and as a proper sleeping space for a guest. You can get bedding for a daybed that doesn't resemble the typical sheet and blanket sets found on most traditional beds, thus making them look more sofa-like in appearance.

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What to Look for in Daybeds

Because daybeds come in such a wide range of styles now, you are faced with more decisions than ever when it comes to shopping for just the right one. You're going to want to consider the style of the room for which you are shopping, think about where the daybed will be placed and work on finding a style that complements the rest of that room. You'll want to coordinate with the pieces that are already there so that the daybed blends as it is meant to, rather than stands out glaringly as an extra sleeping area.

You may also want to consider as to whether or not you would like extra storage underneath or perhaps even a trundle bed. Either offers you some great functional use of otherwise wasted space. In a craft room or office, storage under the daybed gives you a place to tuck away craft supplies or files. Or even, perhaps, the bedding for the daybed itself in case you are in an area of the house that isn't close to a linen closet. Adding a trundle feature, however, gives you yet another sleeping space for extra guests and because the trundle can usually be elevated, your twin sized daybed can be instantly transformed into a king sized sleeping spot for visiting couples.

The most important thing, however, when shopping for your daybed is to find the right piece of furniture for you and your needs. Find the one that will work perfectly in your space and provide the functionality that you are looking for without compromising on your own personal style and flair.