Finding storage & organization ideas that will add style while also keeping your home looking neat is easy at DCG Stores. You may choose to add a bookcase to your living room, or purchase magazine racks, or finally get a media storage chest to tackle all of those pesky DVD's and CD's laying around. No matter what you choose, furniture for organization shouldn’t be bulky and unsightly. Modern design has brought storage a long ways away from drab filing cabinets and large plain bookcases. Our collection of storage & organization furniture will help you organize your home while also creating a sense of style and composure to your space.


Bookcases for More than Just Books

Bookcases and bookshelves do not have to just be for storing your favorite novels. You can also use these shelves to create interesting displays and organize accessories and accents in a room. You can display your passions and interests, all while organizing and storing your treasured trinkets. Bookcases are a great way to add your personality into a room, without having to try too hard. If you’re interested in planes, add a collection of model planes to an empty shelf on your bookcase. This makes your bookcase both functional and is a great way to show your personal style. Modern bookcases and bookshelves come in a variety of options and beautiful designs. You are no longer limited to plain, dark pieces of wood with even shelves.

Zap Your Paper Clutter with Magazine Racks

If you’re looking for storage & organization for that stack of magazines that constantly keep growing in your home, a magazine rack might be the perfect solution. You can take that messy magazine stack and turn it into an interesting display near your sofa or coffee table. You’ll add a touch of personality into your room while also being able to grab the magazine you’re looking for more quickly and conveniently. There are usually two types of magazine racks; the upright and the basket. Decide how much space you want to take up with your magazine rack and what you would find most convenient. The upright magazine rack can range from a side table that has storage options for magazines, to a rack that can be placed on a tabletop that will hold them neatly. Basket magazine holders have come a long way. You can find basket magazine racks in beautiful prints made from gorgeous fabrics.

De-Fuse, De-Stress, De-Clutter with our Storage Solutions!

You don't often think of furniture pieces as therapeutic. However, having the right solutions to de-clutter your space can help lessen the stress in your everyday life. With today's busy schedules, who isn't interested in getting rid of some stress?

A well organized room makes it a pleasure to come home to. As you sit down in your favorite comfort chair or sofa, you will be more relaxed as there's no clutter all over the floor or covering your entire table areas. You can easily find anything you need as you have a storage space just for those groups of items.

Browse our storage & organization category to find storage solutions to get rid of the clutter. Our collection includes storage cubbies, bookcases, storage bench, storage cabinet, storage beds, ottomans with storage, and much more. Our site offers many options ranging from different colors, materials and sizes, all from the comfort of your home. Create the peaceful clutter-free environment you always wanted with our storage & organization pieces today.