If you're an avid fan of hunting and is looking for a place to store your firearms when not in use, the 51653-SA Closet Gun Vault with Mechanical Lock is a smart choice. Designed to install in between the wall studs, this vault is large enough to accommodate not just your hunting rifles, but also small household valuables, such as jewelry, cash, cameras, and more. It can easily be hidden in a closet or behind a door for best concealment. Optional accessories are available to customize this closet vault to best suit your needs.

Note: If you own a firearm please be sure it is unloaded and locked safely out of reach of children. Never store firearms and ammunition together. The safest protection against accidents involving children is to store your firearm unloaded in a locked security case, with the ammunition stored in a separate locked container. V-Line is dedicated to increasing gun safety and reducing firearm accidents.

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